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AIC Global Staffing Is Using Video Interviewing

Video interviews allow AIC to connect more personally with candidates to find only the best talent for you, our client. This will enable you to make efficient and smarter hiring decisions.



Be as involved as you want to be

We have the ability to share candidates’ video interviews with you, which will be very valuable as you make hiring decisions. You can view a candidate’s video and quickly tell us yes or no to moving forward with them. You can also forward that interview on to someone else on your team.

Have the ability to assess a candidate’s cultural fit

By viewing a candidates’ video interview, you can thoroughly assess their personality and determine whether he or she will be a good company culture fit. Evaluating a candidate for cultural fit is important because it will save your company from wasting time, resources, and money. Recent studies have found that the new hire turnover rate is nearly 50% within 18 months. In almost 9 out 10 of the cases, this employee turnover was a result of poor company culture fit. Furthermore, a bad hire can set your company back more than $50,000. This includes money lost from recruiting, on-boarding, and productivity.

Expanded talent pool

The skills gap is an ever-present problem for companies. Nearly 40% of companies have open positions they are unable to find anyone to fill. Surprisingly, most companies have settled for hiring people for positions who do not fully meet their skill requirements. If your company falls into these statistics, you’ll be happy to know that video interviews are a great solution to the skills gap issue. They allow us to widen the candidate pool by knocking down geographical barriers. The candidates who possess the right skills that you need may not be in your company’s backyard. With video interviews, we can connect with talent in other areas to make sure your open positions are filled with only the best people.

No candidate left behind

With video interviews, we have the ability to pursue passive candidates who are typically hard to pin down. Although, passive candidates are not actively pursuing job opportunities, they may be persuaded into accepting an alternative job offer. Video interviews help us to connect with passive candidates by avoiding the hassle of needing to work around multiple schedules. You can relax and have peace of mind knowing that we are not overlooking or passing up any talent that could potentially be a great asset to your organization.

We offer written interview questions, taped one way candidate video answers, interactive two way taped interviews, or a combination of all three.

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